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Train-the-Trainer Coaching Program: Your Key to Improving Team Performance

You're a pro at what you do, but you may not have the skills needed to keep your team or clients on-task and fully functioning when ADHD or related symptoms shred their clarity and focus. That's where we help. If you're an HR professional, manager, coach, or consultant responsible for cutting turnover, motivating team members, and getting top performance from people who are either ADHD or ADD-diagnosed—or undiagnosed but have symptoms due to their high-stress, high-demand environments—our program will give you the expertise you need to transform them back into top performers.

How Our Coaching Program Will Help

  • Build deep coaching skills
  • Provide strengths-based, appreciative coaching
  • Understand how stress impacts brains and ADHD
  • Develop behavioral and mindset coaching techniques
  • Set goals and remain accountable
  • Engage, mobilize, and motivate for collaborative impact

Our Coaching Process: Insights and Tools No Other Program Delivers

Our program is specifically designed for people in the workplace and can be custom-designed to your situation, whether your target is one person, 10 people, or more. Your program includes a blend of ADHD, ADHD-related, and executive function coaching skills training, all built on the International Coaching Federation core competencies of coaching. And, your training can take place online or in person on a custom schedule that's most convenient for you.

Discover Sabotaging Behaviors

We'll teach you how to identify which of the seven key executive function areas are being most impacted. These are the areas most likely to negatively impact your clients' or team's performance, effectiveness, and working relationships. You'll learn how these symptoms are stalling your clients' organizations and teams. Then, we'll show you exactly how to demonstrate the value your coaching adds when everyone is aligned, motivated, and pulling in the same direction.

Expand Your Assessments

If you're a coach, consultant, or HR professional, you likely already have favorite personality or behavioral assessments. We'll show you how to deepen these assessments so you can identify exactly where executive function stresses are hurting team performance. You'll also learn our method of monitoring progress and the status of where each team member stands on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis so you can build in coaching and training modalities to reach peak performance.

Keep Your Clients on Target

More than an action plan, our coaching success plan teaches you how to build in key markers to evaluate for motivation and accountability, then provide reinforcements that are unique to each client. Our approach works better than off-the-shelf programs because we show you how to craft a program that is individualized to address the unique needs of each client and team member. We teach you to successfully coach the behaviors and attitudes that will lead to more successful and impactful team members and we teach you how to sustain that success.

Motivate Your Clients

The specific coaching skills you'll learn will teach you how to build accountability and motivation plans that actually deliver the results you need. Specific actions, tied to key success metrics, super-charged by motivational tools that actually work. Carrots may motivate rabbits, but bulls or bears need something more.

Reinforce Training

Research has shown that any kind of training, no matter how poorly designed, will deliver at least some results at first—but those results never stick. Our coach training program shows you exactly how to ensure the change you want, monitor the new attitudes and behaviors over time, and reinforce those new performance benchmarks so they last.

Create a New Culture

Learning how to coach your clients, employees, or teams challenged by stress lays the foundation for creating a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and excellence. That adds even more to what you already bring. This means more collaborative and high-performing teams, more responsive and impactful team members, more value for your clients and your organization. We're here to show you how to get it done, and we'll be here for you every step of the way.

Discover our Coaching Resources

Learn to better approach stress and time management with our Overcoming Overwhelm ebook, which will take you through the seven areas of executive function to help you thrive. By the end, you’ll learn to better handle your time and improve your success.

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