Executive Consulting

Providing Executive Coaching and Strategic Advising for Leaders of Professional Service Firms

Experience has taught us that every team, every organization, and every leader learns and retains knowledge differently. That's why our proven process uses custom-designed programs delivered in the ways that are effective for you. In order to see the results you want, you need to understand the challenges you’re facing. Our process helps clarify these roadblocks and the ways you want your performance and function to change, sets up metrics to measure your results, and designs accountabilities and follow-ups to ensure these positive changes stick.

"What makes a sword effective isn't the blade, but the hand that wields it."

– Jim Grossman

How Our Executive Consulting Helps You & Your Team

  • Engage and mobilize distracted, disinterested, and unmotivated team members
  • Provide clarity, focus, and harmony in volatile, high-stress environments
  • Expand leadership capabilities and eliminate interpersonal blind spots
  • Improve time and priority management skills and processes
  • Create a success playbook for leaders in new roles or changing environments
  • Turn exercises in strategic planning into actual strategic action

Our Executive Consulting Process

Whether you work better in a coaching, training, or strategic advising format, our proven process is driven by one thing: delivering the results you and your team need to make the most of talent and improve performance and revenue.

Discover Your Goal

Clarity on where you are now is crucial to creating a bridge to where you need to go. We start by exploring what you think is and isn’t working and identifying the biggest gaps between what's happening now and what you consider to be peak performance. Once we have a well-focused snapshot of your current status, we're ready to move to the Assess stage.

Assess Your Situation

This is a situational and strength-based look at the focus of your program, whether it's just you or one or more of your team members. We use interviews, 360-degree assessments, and Profile XT platforms to nail a "total person" view that identifies strengths, behavioral tendencies, processing styles and challenges, relationship skills, work and task interests, and more.

Create a Plan

More than an action plan, our operational success plan (OSP) for moving forward identifies key trackable milestones, including what changes will be made and how you will know when they're effective. We'll also identify the most important, but often overlooked, success factors, including specific responsibility breakdowns, accountability, and progress tools by creating personalized metrics designed for you.

Motivate Your Team

People make changes and respond to motivators for their own reasons. Material rewards that appeal to one person may not work for another who prefers private recognition. Keeping each of your team members engaged, particularly when working under pressure and stress, means finding and using effective tools throughout the coaching, training, advising process. We’ll work alongside you and your team to create a custom-designed plan that identifies unique motivators to keep every person in your plan engaged, driven, and executing.

Reinforce Results

Most training and coaching programs deliver positive results at the start; inertia and the initial excitement of doing something new makes sure of that. But building and sustaining maximum performance requires a more effective approach, and that's what our programs deliver. We create every program with built-in follow-up not only at the end, but also at key mileposts along the way. Ongoing coaching internalizes learning so new habits, mindsets, and tools become natural parts of how your people act and think about themselves, their work, and their teammates.

Return and Rediscover

You started your program with a problem and a goal. Now that you and your team are reaping the fruits of positive engagement, focus, and peak performance, it's time to take a step back and understand the changes that will further develop your people as individuals and as a team. Think of this as a debrief, a post-mortem, or a celebration of new life. It's a one-on-one or group session that will identify and value what you've achieved while setting the foundation for next steps. An organization or a person is either growing or dying—so let's get growing and moving full forward together.

Continuous Learning, The Way You Need It

Perform better, save time and stay sane with our Executive Time Machine ebook. Our digital book will guide you through the four steps of the Executive Time Machine with assessments that will help you find your why and take control of your time. We're constantly developing new material and tools designed to support your continuous learning and growth, but our ebook will get your started with our process.

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