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Overcome stress, disengagement, and underperformance through our coaching, training, and strategic advising services.

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Whether you’re an executive, team lead, or coach, we offer solutions to improve your daily focus and maximize workplace effectiveness.

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Struggling to stay focused? Does an overwhelming workload result in unmanageable stress and lost revenue? We’ll help you identify performance gaps and create an actionable plan that gives you the tools to maintain clarity and overcome obstacles, even when stakes are high and pressure is intense.

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If you’re an HR professional, manager, coach, or consultant with clients and team members impacted by ADHD, ADD, or similar symptoms, we’ll teach you how to get them back on track and coach them to stay there. Our train-the-trainer program delivers the insights you need to keep everyone performing at the top of their game.

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Overload Doesn't Have to be Overwhelming

We pinpoint the problems, create manageable solutions, and deliver sustainable results in a way that fits you and your team.

See one or more of these signs in yourself or your team? It's time to let us help.

Lack of traction on key priorities

Inefficient time and schedule management

Team conflict and disconnect

Inconsistent attention and focus

Lost ability to think creatively

Perpetual planning with no action

Your Organization Will Thrive When Everyone’s Firing on All Cylinders

You understand pressure, and so do your people. In fact, fast-paced and changing challenges are a big reason why you’re doing the work you do. But it’s not everyday performance pressure and balancing multiple priorities that drive you and your team to distraction—it’s the environmental mix that pushes you past your point of effective function. So, how do you get (and keep) everyone focused and moving forward? By letting us teach you how to help your people achieve and maintain peak performance.

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What Our Clients Say

"Talking with Jim helps me organize my time more effectively. I have no shortage of ideas, but developing those into actions and plotting out the steps in a methodical way sometime eludes me due to the multiple pressures and demands on my time. Our coaching sessions are an oasis amid the chaos that help me focus on what is important, not what is urgent."

- Vice President, Healthcare Service Organization

"Jim completed assessments on me and surveys with my staff. I learned so much about myself and have become much more effective at my job."

- Vice President, Healthcare Service Organization

"Jim has an incredible talent for seeing beyond the ordinary."

- Owner, Professional Service Company

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